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Ida Hellsten

Ida is a singer, bassist, festival organizer and tinkerer.  

She received her bachelor's degree in folk singing at the Royal Academy of Music in the spring of 2021.  

Prior to that, she studied jazz singing at Lunnevad Folk High School for two years.  ​

She is currently active as a singer and bassist in the project-based folk music trio Kviga.

She is the driving force behind the trio Kur-Bits with a focus on electroacoustic folk music.  

She will soon release the solo album Vinn Åter, a live loop-based project she has worked on for the past four years.  

She is from, and still has a strong connection to, Östergötland. Thanks to her tender mother Lisa Hellsten Reuber, Riksspelman, Ida has been part of the folk music scene there from an early age.

Nowadays she is the booker for Norrköping's folk music festival and co-organizer of Östergötland's folk music camp for children and teenagers. 

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