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Trio Fri

Trio Fri has gone from meatball and traditional, to own and Fri. Firmly rooted in tradition, Trio Fri aims forward. Together they try to make new from old and to make new songs in old tradition. In 2018, they released the album Vår kopp te with southern Swedish and self-written music. The expression ranges from the saddest songs to squirting schottis. Come along!

The trio consists of musicians from different generations, with different experiences and angles. We hear Lisa Hellsten Reuber on violin. She is a national fiddler in the Pelle Fors tradition and has for over 30 years benefited the next generation of folk musicians in Östergötland as an educator and camp organizer. Lisa is passionate about music, but also about the genre in general and all that it entails.  

On vocals and electric bass we hear Ida Hellsten. She has learned a lot from Östgötska from her mother Lisa, but revolted and started playing jazz. Then age caught up and folk music regained its value, but on electric bass! Inspired by older notes, she likes to bring Vikbolandet's repertoire to life in new ways.  


We hear Jonas Jansson on guitar. He is also from Linköping but then moved to Ingesund for schooling. He has a large repertoire and with a melodic guitar playing he connects Trio Fri like no other. 

Nowadays he lives in Norrköping and works as an educator. 

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