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Wins Again

Reflection requires repetition.

But how many times should the same agony go on loop before things get better? 

I wonder. 

I'm tormented. 

With folk songs on the loop. 

I sing:

Mikaelidagen from Vikbolandet, in Tinder version.

I longed like others, Trad for Elfrida Olsson, Äppelbo, Dalarn. I have it after Maria Misgeld.

Weighted, own composition. To you haters who pollute the world and the internet.

New shoes, sling polish now in seven strokes from Småland / Östergötland. Everything we own on earth, coral with rewritten text from Södervidinge.

My graduation concert

It has now been six months since I did my graduation concert at KMH. I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to play with such great musicians and keep it going afterwards. 

The concert consists of what I developed during my time at the Royal Academy of Music and some homages to the teachers I  got the honor of having during my time there.  

Participating in the concert in addition to myself are Alfred Gefvert on accordion and Fredrik Mikael Mattsson on bass clarinet and tenor saxophone. 


Christmas tour with Kviga 2021!

Keep an eye out for us at Christmas markets around Stockholm and Sörmland, we will play a lot outdoors this year.  

Game date Jul 2021:

12/11-Christmas fair at Taxinge castle

27/11-Enskede Christmas market


5/12-Fiskehamnen's Christmas market, Nynäshamn

10/12-Concert at Sigridslund

11-12 / 12-Sigridslund's Christmas market

25/12-Concert Seglora church, Skansen

Christmas concert with choir!

On the 4th of December I, mother Lisa and sister Ebba Hellsten play in Mjölby church with the Choir Stämbandet. 

We will contribute with wonderfully folk tones and a brand new driver that I have written.  

Stämbandet affisch.jpeg

Green room

Does the Christmas spirit in Stockholm feel overwhelming and the city uglier than ever? Come into the Green Room, listen to music and smell the flowers. 

There you can hear Fredrik Mikael Mattsson's compositions performed by Fredrik on playing pipes and me on double bass and vocals. 

13/12 at 11.00-13.00

22/12 at 11.00-13.00 and 16.00-18.00

Read more about the project with the Green Room here:

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