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Working songs

The hammer clings to the anvil; in the distance you can hear the mine blasting down into the rock. In the void in between, music was heard. Then as now, it binds people together in community. But what is heard in the void nowadays? The soundscape has changed and a large part of everyday life: work music, is no longer in use. Where has it gone?


The Arbetssånger project was started with a vision by Mikael Marin at the Royal Academy of Music in the autumn of 2018. The work consisted of a collaboration with the Swedish Song Archive and guest lecturers. The project resulted in a large production of LÅT! 2019, as well as a record recording.


We have chosen to take the project further as a trio. We have made the music our own, where the vocals have an important role and meet guitars and folk flutes.

Book us in the Stockholm Region via the Music Consultants for a subsidized price:


Performances 2020

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